Glossary of Islamic Terminology



Allah – (الله)


Alhamdulelah الحمدلله

Praise be to Allah

Aqida (عقيدة)

The Islamic Creed

Ameer Al Momineen (أمير المؤمنين)

The prince of the believers

Ahkam (أحكام)

Religious rulings that are derived from the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH

Athan (أذان)

The call for the prayer

Aya (آية)

A verse from the Holy Quran

Ast-taghfir-Allah (أستغفر الله)

I seek forgiveness from Allah

Asalamu Alaykom (السلام عليكم)

Pease be upon you: usually said when entering any place and meeting anyone

Abd (عبد)

Servant and Slave of Allah


BismiAllah (بسم الله)

“In the name of Allah” and it’s a phrase that we utter prior to doing anything


Da’wa (الدعوة)

Calling upon worshipping Allah: it’s a very broad term but this is the general meaing

Deen (دين)

Religion; the complete sum of Muslim practices and beliefs and their lifestyle.

Dunya (دنيا)

The worldly everyday life

Dua (دعاء)

Supplication to Allah


Fard (فرض)

An obligatory act upon Muslims, if left it will result in punishment in the day of judgment, example: prayer.

 Fiqh (فقه)

Jurisprudence: understanding the Muslim belief


Hadith (حديث)

The speeches and sayings of the Prophet PBUH. The hadith is a branch of knowledge on its own in Islam


Juma’a (جمعة)

Friday: the weekly congregations of the Muslims and it held at noon every Friday


Mohammed (PBUH) (محمد)

The Prophet and Messenger of Allah who delivered the message of Islam

 Mo’amulat (معاملات)

Dealings; usually its mentioned in the context of the jurisprudence of relationships and dealings among people

Mustahab (مستحب)

Recommended: Its something that is recommended and preferred to be done or said

Makrooh (مكروه)

Frowned Upon: Its something that’s frowned upon doing or saying


Nafila (نافلة)

Its an optional prayer done for more rewards and blessing


Quran (قرآن)

The literal words of Allah that was revealed through Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to mankind


Sunnah (سنّة)

Its whatever the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has said, done or approved

Shahada (شهادة)

The testimony of faith which is to say “I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship but Allah, and that Mohammed is his Prophet and last Messenger” believing in it from the heart


Wajeb (واجب)

Obligatory and mandated

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