We Need to Talk about Yarmouk


Beyond Compromise - الثَّوابِت

There has been an unnerving silence about the ongoing siege of a Palestinian camp in Damascus. It has gotten swept under the rug, along with the destruction of Syria, as one of those tragedies that for many seems easier to occasionally lament rather than take an active stand about.

For almost half a year now, Yarmouk camp has been on the receiving end of a devastating new tactic employed by the Assad dynasty. The method itself is simply enough: isolate an area long enough to bring it to its surrender. It would seem that the ambition of this approach is to drain Yarmouk, and the oppositional forces within it, of weaponry. But in the process, and almost certainly done intentionally, the siege evacuates Yarmouk of resources that residents are in desperate need of.

The transport of medical aid and food into the camp are almost entirely obstructed. It was from…

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