IEM Project Deliverables



 Jan 24TH

–  Create a category for Arabic posts and write a post in both languages

–  Start building a glossary for Islamic terminology with which people are unfamiliar under (Glossary)

Feb 7th              

–  Bring on a service to build a database of followers’ e-mails, (Follow Us box on the right side of the page)

 Feb 21st

 – Buy a theme that is consistent and topic related one, with new banner and a clear tagline that reflects the content

 March 7th

– Contact a Muslim artist and make a showcase of their work in a category named (Islamic Art)

– Create a page for posts borrowed and translated from other websites and publish the first post. It will be under the name (Posts from Other Blogs)

 March 21st

– Create a category for Spanish language and write  a post in Arabic, English and Spanish

– Research and apply SEO methods to increase traffic to products page

 April 4th

– Contact a person of religious authority and interview him/her and introduce a new form of media under (Audio and Video)

– Post pictures reflecting the changes in the blog interface and traffic volume

 April 11th

– Make a summary of all successes and failures in this to do list


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